Property Management :


Honolulu Realty offers full service management for your investment property. We want to make owning a second property easy. We provide caretaker service, residential concierge as well as a variey of "extras" to make sure you have a worry-free investment in the Islands.

  • Why Choose Honolulu Realty to Manage your Property?

  • Timely maintenance and periodic inspections for your property
  • It is very important to identify small problems before they become big problems. A few dollars spent on preventative maintenance can save big dollars in deferred maintenance expenses. Digital photos are taken of your property prior to tenant occupancy to insure that your valuable investment is maintained according to Honolulu Realty's high standards. These photos are kept in your file and are available for your review.
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Our detailed monthly / annual statements reflect all income and expenses in an easy to read format. Honolulu Realty will make disbursements on your behalf for all ownership related income and expenses:


    • Maintenance Fees
    • Mortgage Payments
    • Insurance
    • State of Hawaii General Excise Taxes
    • Real Property Taxes
    • And, Any Expenses for Necessary Repairs


    • Disbursement of your rental proceeds to you in a timely manner to the account or location of your choice
  • Detailed & Binding Tenant Rental Agreement / Addendum
  • Late fees, repair requirements, required notification, etc. are all spelled out in detail within the Tenant Rental Agreement and Addendum.
  • Market Knowledge
  • Determining fair market rent for your valuable investment is one of the keys to raising property values. We know the market! Honolulu Realty is pushing rents higher, register now and receive specifics on your property.

    » State of Hawaii Landlord Tenant Code Info

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